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Bethany - The Studio Photo Shoot (Look #1)

Bethany is a brilliant singer, actress, and I think I can now add to that list - my friend. She's based here in Houston and we collaborated on this shoot a couple of weeks ago. A selection of photos from the first part of our shoot follow below & my suggestion is that you hit the play button below to hear her amazing voice as you scroll through the gorgeous photographs from our session.

I'd like to say thank you to a few people who helped to make this shoot happen:

And not the least of all, a big giant thank you to Bethany McCade - for being a fantastic model, doing her own hair & makeup and being an excellent collaborator on this shoot. Thank you Bethany, could not have done this without you! 

 Stay tuned for Look #2. 

 - D.

Mueva Coffee

I had the pleasure of photographing Josely Yuko of Mueva Coffee several weeks ago at their new location right beside Paper Co. in the Ecclesia building at 1100 Elder Street. It has been a busy couple of weeks and I am now just getting to share these photographs about one of my favorite things with you. It was a beautiful Tuesday afternoon and a good day to learn a bit more about what goes into creating this awesome thing we call coffee!

Mueva curates and roasts coffee sourced directly from the farmers in Nicaragua and around the world. Their specialty house brand is Café Diego from Nicaragua, specifically from the rainforest of the Matagalpa Highlands and is grown by Josely's family.

Thanks for the coffee roasting lesson Josely and for the Café Diego roast sampler! Now go order some coffee from them right away … it'll help with the cold weather outside! :-)

The Freckled Key - Summer Transitions (Part 2)

Welcome back! It took a bit longer than I had planned to get around to posting the photos from the second half of my shoot with Hannah. Looking at the gorgeous photographs following though, I'm sure you'll agree they were worth the wait :-)

As I mentioned in my previous entry about the first part of the photo shoot, Hannah & Scott are in the middle of a pretty extensive home remodel and so, this second part of our shoot was hosted by their dear friends and next door neighbors (… well, pretty much next door) Emily & Eric in their gorgeous and also recently redone home.

I had a fantastic time at this shoot and really, really love the images we got! A big thank you goes out to Emily & Eric for opening their home up to us. To Scott for being the awesome husband to Hannah that you are (and for buying her that beautiful dress so many years ago!). And the biggest thank you of all - thank you Hannah for being an awesome model, for facilitating the location logistics, for being patient through the shoot as we set lights up & took them down & changed them & tweaked them, and for hanging in there as the day got longer & tiring! Hugs & blessings!! :-)

- D.