Bethany - The Studio Photo Shoot (Look #2)

I was reminded the other day that I never did get around to posting the second set of photographs from my photo shoot with the lovely Bethany McCade. Sorry about that, it's been a somewhat busy couple of months over here and I am just now getting around to sharing these with you all.

Here you go!! :-) We shot these on the same day and in the same space (different set) as the first look but went for a completely different look and feel for the photographs.

Hope you've all been well and are having an excellent year! Can you believe it's already April?!?!

A big thank you once again to Bethany (we need to do this again soon!) and to the folks at Fill In The Blank Studio! Now back to editing and planning for this weekend's shoots :-)


- D.

P.S.: Give me a shout if you'd like to have some photographs made. I'd love to hear from you!